The Ukulele Site

Who We Are and Where to Find Us

The Ukulele Site is an all-ukulele store located in Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Our store address is 66-560 #4 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa HI, 96712. Come visit us and try out roughly 300 different models of ukuleles. Our hours are 11am-6pm Monday through Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday. We have expert musicians there to help you, usually Aaron, Noah, Corey, Mike, or occasionally myself, Andrew.

I am usually with the other half of our crew who are at the HMS workshop about 15 minutes down the road in the town of Wahiawa. Full time workers there are Joel, Zach, Chris, Eli, Asa, and Crystal. If you would like to visit the workshop, our address is 401 N. Cane St. Unit A Suite 9. But realize that at this location we don’t have ukes to sell, we are busy setting up and shipping ukes. 

Properly setting up ukes is at our very core and one of the reasons why so many people shop with us. We are usually not the fastest to ship out and many times you can find someone a little cheaper. With that said, I believe we are always the best value because we QC and improve every instrument we ship. Nobody has as much experience setting up ukes as we do. We really are experts in this service and that means you get the best possible uke for your money. 

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