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Shipping and Tracking

From the website there are a few shipping options to chose from. These are linked to our shipping accounts and we simply charge you our cost. We don't make money on shipping, that's not what we do. What you will notice is that within the US we get great rates with FedEx 2-day Air. Please note that choosing 2-day shipping does not mean you will have it in 2 days. It still needs to go through or setup department to improve it, which often takes 3-5 days processing. Our current turnaround time is updated and shown at this page: Shipping Questions. Also on that page you can learn about international shipments, customs and more.
After placing an order you will receive an email with details on where to track this in your customer account and whom to contact with any issues. Your order will show "processing" until it leaves and at that time it will be updated with tracking numbers. You can access your account by clicking Log In (upper right corner of header) and going to "My Account" above the search bar on the header.

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