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Return Policy and Procedure


When you get your ukulele you have 7 days from the time it arrives to you to notify us that you would like to return it. You will receive a full refund but will be responsible for return shipping cost. If you are located in the US then we can send you a return label that you will print out, tape to the box and drop off at a FedEx location. The return cost is typically around $40. We will deduct the actual cost from your refund or exchange. If you want to save about $10 you can send it back yourself through USPS priority mail. If you decide on a different ukulele then we can subtract or add the difference and either credit back the money to your account, or bill you the difference.

If you received a defective instrument (not due to shipping) then we will send a return label. When we receive the return we can determine if the ukulele is defective. If so, we will either replace at no charge or credit you in full including shipping, whichever option you would like. Ultimately, we want you to be happy and get you a better uke than any other store offers.


The same policy applies to international customers as domestic except we are not able to send a return label so you will be responsible for getting it back to us. If it is defective then we will credit your shipping cost.

If you think your ukulele was damaged in shipping notify us right away so we can file a claim with the shipper. Please keep the original packaging available for inspection. We will try our best to accommodate you with a new instrument right away when possible.
Even though we may not always be the cheapest option out there, we put a lot of time and effort into helping you by improving the quality of the instruments we ship you. This is why we truly believe we are giving the best value in the ukulele market. Even though we reject many instruments, and go through an extensive setup, you must realize that these instruments are all hand made by humans and there is very rarely an instrument that you could not find an imperfection with if examined hard enough. We also consider the price range of the instrument and hope you can also have reasonable expectations.

Our goal is to give you the best ukulele you will find in each price range, an instrument that you can love for many years. We send many ukes around the world every day and have many thousands of satisfied customers. We feel confident that we can meet or exceed your desire for a quality instrument and a hassle-free experience.

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