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What is an Ukulele "Setup"?

With every instrument we sell we offer a full instrument "setup" at no extra charge to the customer. It is automatically included as part of the instrument purchase and while it does mean a little extra processing time while we work on your instrument before it ships, most all players will agree that a well setup instrument is a key component to your enjoyment of the instrument and well worth the wait. It aids in the progress you are able to make in your playing, as a result of the instrument feeling and sounding better but also because the more you enjoy playing, the more you will WANT to play. The killer to making progress is frustration and lack of practice. When you look forward to practicing and are not being overly frustrating by sharp frets, extremely high and uncomfortable string height, and annoying buzzing sounds coming from the instrument rather than sweet melodies, you are already a step ahead of so many other players who either give up entirely or spend hours and hours trying to overcome unnecessary hurdles with an instrument that would otherwise be much easier to play if it had the necessary adjustments.

To give an overview of what our setup includes:

-Our own quality control inspection for cosmetic and structural defects 
-String action adjusted by adjusting the saddle height as well as nut slot depths
-Any necessary fretwork including fret filing and leveling, re-crowning the filed frets and re-conditioning of the fretboard
-Inspection and testing of any electronics and tuning hardware
-A final cleanup and inspection of the instrument 
-An expert and careful packing job to ensure the instrument arrives safely to you no matter where you live 

A video showing this entire process being done in our workshop can be viewed HERE.


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