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Hydrometer; type of picks

Ellis Cohen — Feb 07, 2015 03:14PM HST

What is a good type of hydrometer to get?
Why are felt picks used for the ukulele?

1 Community Answers

Joel - Feb 16, 2015 at 08:47PM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

Just to clarify and to make searching for the right item easier, a HYDROmeter is a tool that measures the density of liquids while the instrument used to measure relative humidity is called a HYGROmeter.

Oasis makes a good quality hygrometer that also measures the temperature in addition to the relative humidity. It has a digital readout so its more accurate to read than an analog dial.

Felt picks are usually used to replicate the softer sound that you might get from a finger rather than the sharp attack of a nylon pick. Some players find it more comfortable than using their fingers and not to mention its more flexible for strumming and less likley to damage the finish on your instrument than a nylon pick. Its not the most common accessory but worth giving it a shot if you think you would find it useful.

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