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Vince — Jun 03, 2015 07:34AM HST

Hello Uke-enthusiasts -
I recently received a Kala Acoustic-Electric from you theukulelesite and I was super pleased. The ukulele sounds wonderful and plays great. But now that I have had it a couple months, there is a buzzing at the lower part of the bridge near the A string. When I play even open strings, it buzzes. Then I take my finger and press down on the wood end where the bridge connects to the face of the uke and it buzzing goes away.

The bridge does not seem to be coming apart on the edges at all. There are no gaps that I can see. Also, it does not buzz all the time, and seems to do better after I play it a while (though this could just be coincidence). Do you have any suggestions?



1 Community Answers

Joel - Jun 04, 2015 at 07:56AM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

It might be that the wires inside the body are vibrating against the top soundboard, when you press down on the bridge it has a muting effect on the soundboard so it wont vibrate as much so the buzzing would be less noticeable. This is usually the case with pickups that have a large amount of slack in the wiring that can move around when the ukulele is in use. If you can detune the strings a bit to give yourself some room to fit a couple fingers in to move the wires away from the soundboard, try to push the wire slack towards the side or the back panel of the ukulele, the more they are suspended in the air or jus as far away from the soundboard as possible the better.

After you tune back up give the saddle a little wiggle back and forth towards and away from the sound hole, if it doesn't budge thats fine, if it has a little wiggle to it that ok as well, its just to make sure its seated all the way down and it will stay secure when the strings are up to tension.

Try this out and see if you dont hear an improvement. The worst case scenario is possibly a loose brace but thats a rare occurrence so we'll rule out the wiring first.

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