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Models you no longer carry...

If a Kala or Córdoba model that you used to carry is still being made can you order it for a customer?

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What about Acacia wood? I've read it's a lot like Koa but differs a bit. What can you guys tell me about it?

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I live in the NYC area and am using an Oasis ukulele humidifier (near the headstock) for my beloved Koaloha tenor which I purchased from you last summer. Unfortunately, the humidity level in our house hovers ar...

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Ukulele wood choices

What would the long-term differences be between a solid wood top uke with either solid or laminate sides and back? Figure the solid top would make the greatest difference in sound.

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Resonator Ukulele

What is the sound difference of a standard Ukulele versus a resonator Ukulele?

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Tenor Uke Basics

I'm new to the ukulele and I'm struggling with what must be the most basic of basic ukulele issues: how to hold the damn thing. If I position it like a guitar, the weight of my arm draped over the top...

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I´ve always thought ukes can be more practical cause its size and weight and also is like a little friend you wanna be with all time anywhere, but here is my question, in environments with too much humidity, or...

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I'm in the early stages of learning but am advancing and enjoying the heck out of playing the ukulele. I have some break time at work and would love to practice during that period but the setting isn'...

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What are the highest quality acoustic amps that you recommend in different price ranges?

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Hi, what would you suggest is the best ukulele for a beginner? Soprano or Concert? Thank you very much

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