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Different Sizes of Ukulele

There are 4 main sizes of ukulele. The soprano is the smallest, followed by the concert, tenor, and the baritone. All sizes are popular and all have their own qualities people love (or don't). Soprano is ...

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Which wood makes the best ukulele? You can’t answer that question with science or math. Even studying sound waves won’t factor things like individual playing styles or even distinctions in the same species of...

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Finding the right ukulele strings can take some research and experimentation on your part. It will depend on your instrument, your style of playing, or technique, and your preference of sound. We give some soun...

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While some ukes come from the manufacturer with a pickup system, most do not. However, we can install a pickup in almost any ukulele you buy from us. The prices start at $64 and you can add the pickup with inst...

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The work that we do to improve the instruments we sell is the primary reason customers choose us and are loyal to our company. While we are a retail store, we have more man-hours dedicated to setting up these i...

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