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headstock choices

HMS is the best. The tutorials with tabs have been greatly appreciated. Saving up for my next uke. Would like to know if there is any significant difference in tone with slotted headstock vs. standard.

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What is the best ukulele case for a Kala concert?

I am looking for a substantial case for my Kala concert during travel, yet one that will be allowed as a carry on by Hawaiian. Not too heavy, preferably with a backpack strap sort of option for ease of carryin...

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Tonewoods generally get categorized into one or more of these characteristics -- for example, saying Koa is warm/sweet, or spruce is bright. But when comes down to looking at similar ukes from different builder...

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Tenor Guitars

Do you have any plans to offer Tenor Guitars at HMS? I believe the models from Pono and Kala are nylon string, so are kind of a next scale length up from a Baritone, and can be tuned DGBE as well as in fifths ...

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Gotoh Planetary tuners

I understand from description that Gotoh Planetary tuners are sold four to a set, but it's not clear to expect all four to rotate the same direction, or if available to rotate opposite as would be preferre...

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Best performing ukulele strap

I am looking for a strap that both supports the Pono tenor I have and does not affect the sound by putting pressure on the body of the uke. Something that allows me to release the instrument completely like is ...

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Carbon Fiber options

Greetings ! I live in Pasadena where it sometimes gets CRAZY hot. I have a charango (south american guitar made out of an armadillo shell) whose bridge unglued because of the heat... Are there any afford...

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How much to spend when starting

When starting to play the ukulele, should i invest in a low end, mid end, or high end ukulele? thanks :)

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Hi guys. I bought a PONO MT - MAHOGANY TENOR from your Haleiwa store in 2012. Am thinking about drilling a small hole for a strap peg on the bottom end. Do you know if there is sufficient wood at that place ...

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Kanile'a Super Tenor cases

What hard case does HMS generally recommend for a Kanile'a super tenor? I called Kanile'a to ask what they sell, they told me they just use a baritone case. I am curious if a certain style or brand...

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