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Hello Uke-enthusiasts - I recently received a Kala Acoustic-Electric from you theukulelesite and I was super pleased. The ukulele sounds wonderful and plays great. But now that I have had it a couple months, ...

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Soprano Top Sinking/concaving

I am worried about my new KoAloha soprano. I have been using the Oasis humidifier that came with it since it was purchased but I have noticed that the top, in between the bridge and sound hole, is concave/sunk...

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Can Fluctuations In Humidity Cause Damage?

I have heard from a reputable luthier that it is the fluctuation in humidity that is dangerous so if the humidity is around 25% or so in your house, you shouldn't humidify your instrument because the chang...

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Does A Blackbird need a Humidifier?

Should a Blackbird Clara be humidified in its case if the room humidity can dip below 40%? (Warranty information may be voided in cases of low humidity, but the instrument is touted as suitable for various c...

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Using a Room Humidifier

Living in Canada with very cold winters, and forced air heating, the relative humidity in my house can plummet below 20%, creating a very harmful environment for anything made of wood. I've recently purcha...

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I bought my son a Kala-KA-ASAC-T-Solid Acacia Tenor and according to the web site it states "We always include a humidifier with solid wood instruments. This is not an option, and we do not charge for it.&...

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Keeping Ukuleels Humidified While Away Traveling

I currently have three solid top ukuleles. Two gloss and 1 matte finish. I spend 4 months a year away from my home and unfortunately can only travel with one ukulele. During that time my home is heated with f...

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multiple humidifiers

I heat with wood in New England. My humidity level, even with a room humidifier on, averages in the low 20s. I already use an Oasis humidifier that goes inside my tenor uke but am worried that it's not eno...

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humidity levels

If you keep your ukulele in a humidified room, being careful to keep humidity levels consistent, is it all right to keep your ukuleles out of their cases to have them more available for playing?

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Cleaning and conditioning a Maple fretboard

Hi- I am wondering the best way to clean and condition a maple fretboard? I have always used Dunlop 65 fingerboard cleaner and prep on rosewood and ebony fretboards, however Dunlop states it is not recommend...

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