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Hydrometer; type of picks

What is a good type of hydrometer to get? Why are felt picks used for the ukulele?

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Oasis Humidifier

How often will I need to replace my oasis humidifier? I live in the midwest where the summers are muggy. I was only planning to use the humidfier in the winter when the heat is on and the house gets super dry. ...

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Tuner Loose?

New to Ukulele. I recently started with a Soprano Lanikai and just picked up the Kala Pocket Ukulele. The geared tuners on the pocket Uke seem to be a lot looser than the Soprano. Any slight bump or brush...

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What is the best way to dry an ukulele?

What is the best way to dry an ukulele if I accidentally spilled water on it or dropped it in water? Let's say it's a bigger amount of water or the ukulele was soaked in water for a awhile. Thank you...

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Are different wood types more or less sensitive to humidity issues?

I have a solid mahogany uke and curious to know if there are wood types that are more or less sensitive humidity related issues of dry climates, like California, or are all woods pretty much just as prone to th...

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Best Humidifier for a Uke without a sound hole

I have a Herco now but it doesn't seem to absorb any water when I recharge it anymore. My uke in an electro-acoustic so doesn't have a sound hole.

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Ukulele bridge lifting

I would like to ask if the bridge of the ukulele started to lift, it can see a small gap between the body and the bridge. How to handle? Thanks.

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To humidify or not to humidify

I live in central Florida and most of the year there is enough humidity. In the winter months at night the temperatures can get into the 35-45 degree range and the heat kicks in. I have a solid mahogany uke an...

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Humidifier Maintenance

Hello! I am fairly new to caring for wood instruments, how often should I be checking my humidifier for my uke? How long do they last before requiring maintenance? Thanks!

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Gretsch Ukulele tone change with humidity and seasons

I have a gretsch tenor 9120 that I purchased from It is not a single body uke. But I observe that it changes tone based on weather. In summer it has a more flatter tone. Is there any care th...

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