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How to repair hairline cracks on your ukulele?

Just wanted to know how to repair small hairline cracks on a ukulele? I have a couple of cracks on my ukes. I dont think it makes a difference in the sound or performance, not really sure. Maybe I just done...

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cleaning a Pono satin finish

Is Dunlop 65 guitar polish a good choice for cleaning a mahogany satin finish Pono? Will it keep the finish looking satin?

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Are there humidity concerns with a laminate instrument?

I own a laminate Tenor Kala. I live in Arizona which is very dry most of the year. Do I need to worry about humidity levels with a laminate instrument?

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I have a clay humidifier. After the first use, I found somewhat difficult to remove the clay from the case; I assume it expanded a little with the added moisture. When I finally got it out, I used a knife to re...

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Is there a way you can tell if the wood on the ukulele is in need of a better humidifier? I have a Pono AT2 and I heat and cool the air year round. I was just curious if there are signs I should look out for be...

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Ukulele Travel

What is the best way to transport my ukulele on a plane? Do I need to loosen strings? Does it need a humidifier?

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So basically I'm confused about humidifiers. One came with my uke but I'm not really sure if it needs to be kept in the case 24/7 or if it should only be used certain times of the year. I live in the ...

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Cordoba 25CK repair

Is there any way to fix a warped neck on Ukulele with no truss rod? Even after replacing strings and a new setup, it's still buzzing!

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Ukulele Setup

I know the Ukulele Site performs a setup on every ukulele they sell. I have another ukulele that I would like to have setup properly. Is this something I can tackle myself?

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I have a Tennor Kamaka with a Ebony Fingerboard which I have rubbed a little with my nail and it has lost some colour. Is there any way to smarten this back up like using an oil?

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