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What is a good one for a tenor uke? And another question: I have a Balalaika from years ago that my dad "borrowed" and left in a desert environment as a decor without keeping it moist. Is it now ruine...

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Humidity question

I live in Australia and the hygrometer in my room that reads between 45% to 60% humidity depending on the day. Does that mean my solid-top ukes are better off being left in the open, rather than humidified in a...

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After playing my Ukulele for 6 months, I sometimes have a fret buzz coming when I play too "loud". How can I arrange that?

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How I can my glossy ukes shining again?

How I can remove minor scratches and make my uke become glossy again? What kind of products and techniques are safe for that?

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About Humidit:. It is possible to make my ukes settle in new environment?

Quality ukes are made in humidity controlled factories where humidity is between 45-50%. People who constantly lives in environment where humidity levels is slightly lower than that recommended standard, Ukes ...

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What varnish can I use to protect signatures that I have collected on my travelling Ukulele

My Mother is 90 years old and I recently travelled to the U.K. from Australia to the celebration. Whilst there I met many old and dear friends and got them all and my Mother to sign my travelling Ukulele. These...

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Solid Wood Humidity and Shape

Is it possible for humidity to cause a solid wood ukulele or any ukulele to have a curved back? Or did it come that way? I've seen ukuleles with a swollen top and neck before but I'm not sure about th...

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I have dry environment on winter. I store my ukulele in a case with humidifier. Could ukulele absorb too much humidity with Humidifier in time and how to determine when is enough? Regards, Alen

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Storing on the wall

I live in San Diego, where it is warm and not overly humid I love having my ukuleles displayed on my wall. Is this bad for them? I worry about exposure to light, dust, and dry air. Thanks

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Storing options for a wood my ukulele

I am interested in buying a wood ukulele but I am concerned with all the maintenance associated with a wooden instrument. If I don't have a case can I just keep my ukulele in a sealed environment with a hu...

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