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Personal Support

This support center is made to cover most of the things we get asked, but we are still here for you and want to personally help you whenever that is possible. Thanks for your kind understanding and patience if ...

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HMS Listening Booth

The HMS Listening Booth is what we call a series of videos that compare different ukuleles, strings etc. back to back under the same exact recording settings. So mic placement and levels are all equal, which is...

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Our Free Ukulele Lessons

A big part of our resource center is our free education. Check that out here Free-Ukulele-Lessons Please share other free ukulele resource centers that you have benefited from or specific lessons from us that ...

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Free Sheet Music

We have many free lessons at TheUkuleleReview, our free resource center. Most of our sheet music downloads will be at these links. http://the...

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