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Your demo videos

I love that you can come to your site and hear unadulterated clips of all the ukes. For comparisons sake I think it would be great if the boys always played at least a short bit that was the same piece of music...

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Two wishes for further Ukulele tutorials

For quite a time, I look for a picking-tutorial on Hiilawe. It would be awesome, if you guide through this beautiful traditional hawaiian song! Also, I really seek to find a boss nova rhythm-tutorial. It&#x...

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Sheet Music

I'd like to find a tenor ukulele transcription for Cavatina by John Williams written to standard tuning (not a low G). Anyone?

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Other ukuleles?

Do you sell ukuleles that are not posted in your website? e.g. moore bettah ukuleles?

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Suggestions for tutorials

Dear HMS Team, Thanks so much for making the most of the uke-hobby! Please keep doing that. I visit your website every day. I play for 1 year now, first on the cheapest super market uke and on your Koaloha ten...

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More beginner videos?

Are there any plans for more beginner videos? I love the short and well filmed videos you have made in the past. They really are great. When looking for which size to get, your video (with those amazing Ponos!)...

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HMS Listening Booth Recording Equipment?

Andrew, for fellow audio recording enthusiasts: could you please fill us in on what type of equipment/setup you are currently using to get the quality of samples seen recently in the HMS Listening Booth & F...

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