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New Website

The new website is AWESOME...

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Clearance area

What happened to the section for B stock, clearance and special sales? With the recent redesign it seems to have disappeared.

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Mobile Version Not Quite Working

It seems the mobile version of the site is not quite functional. When viewing from my android device, when I click on "Shop By" and try to choose the dropdown for either the "size", "pr...

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What happened to the Islander ukes?

I was just curious where the Islander ukes went? These have been my go-to brand when I make recommendations to others, and I really feel like they couldn't be beat on a price for quality basis.

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(contest) Will you be making caps?

Do you plan on making high quality, embroidered ball caps or bucket hats with your logo? I think they'd be a big seller! Thanks! Dave

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Viewing Specifications on Ukuleles that are not currently stocked

Sometimes I like to dream about ukuleles that I might one day purchase or compare specifications and listen to sound samples of ukuleles that you offer that are not currently in stock. An example would be the ...

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Shipping cost

Aloha my friend, since 2014 I'm interested in buying a ukulele on your site, the Luna Honu Soprano. But as I live on Reunion Island (a French Island in Indian Ocean) I was wondering if you had already ship...

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How can I tell what strings are on the ukulele that I've received from Hawaii Music Supply?

How can I tell what strings are on the ukulele that I've received from Hawaii Music Supply if the product listing does not say? Do you have "default" strings for different brands?

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Your awesome set-ups

How many set-ups does your staff do in a day?. Just curious. I purchased my third Ukulele [my first from you] and am amazed that it was set-up perfectly on receiving it. I can only imagine how many orders ...

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