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I am trying to purchase strings for a ukulele Pono Tenor low G for a friend. His Ukulele has two steel strings an two nylon strings. Do you have some sets that I can purchase from you?

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Aquila Nylgut, Lava, and Red

Hello, I have a uke strung with reentrant plain (new) nylguts. I find them a bit slippery. In other words if I reach for a single note, my finger can slip off the string or not fret it cleanly. I should improve...

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Strings for Alternative Tuning

Aloha, i've recently been working hard at transcribing some of the great Benny Chong's arrangements. As he tunes down to D G B E (same as a guitar but with a high D)this gives my strings far too much ...

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Switching from low g to high g

My tenor kala was set up for low g. any problem switching back and forth from low to high?

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using different strings brand with different uke brand

Can I use a Kamaka strings for my Kala uke? Will the sound quality differ or be more enhanced in anyway?

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Low G on which ukes?

I am curious what kind of ukes best utilize a low G. What sizes? What tonewoods emphasize the low G? Do model and shape play a factor?

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English Tuning

I recently decided to try English tuning on my soprano, which is when you tune up a full step on each string (A, D, F#, B). Wow! It made a huge difference! My soprano sounds so much sweeter and more resonant in...

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Nylon vs Metal Low G string for tenor

I have Cordoba Acacia Tenor tuned to low G (one metal string). Overall it sounds pretty good, but sometimes I think that I should use something more "gentle", like it's too "boomy" and ...

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d'addario pro arte or t2's on a bright ukulele?

which will be better on an ukulele that is already bright on its own? say koaloha or islander ukulele. i dont want it to sound too bright.. but not to warm. i want it punchy and boomy with a longer sustain. tha...

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Kanale'a guilele strings

What are the gauges of the Kanale'a GL6 guilele strings you sell? I am using D'Addario J94 requinto strings at present, which are .022, .028, .033, .025, .030, .036. Love the new site, BTW.

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