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Hi guys! I sent an email a few months ago asking if you had for sale a white Kala Archtop tenor (KA-JTE/MTW). The lovely person who emailed me back said you did have one in stock. Now I need to know if you h...

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What's special about the pono pc 5 series?

I've seen several pono pc models labeled the 5 series, so what's the difference? as compared to the regular pc models.

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Remove from Cart

I want to place an order, but there is a ukulele in my cart, and I can't remove it. I can increase the number from 1 to anything else, but I cannot make it 0.

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Availability of Pono MND-20SB & MND-30

I found your video at Could you advise when this will be available?

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cordoba ukes

I am wanting to buy a uke from your site but don't see the exact model I want. I am wanting the Cordoba 35 cutaway tenor in all acacia wood. but all I see is the 30 model. Can you get the model I am wantin...

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which ukulele should i buy to start learning the ukulele ?

i am a 6 foot 4 inches tall and i wanted to start learning the ukulele . i am confused between the concert size and the tenor size . on which one should i start learning for the first time ? there are no ukulel...

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Cutaway Modells

Will you have the new Kanilea with the scoop cutaway in stock, that you showed at your exciting Namm Review? Does Kanilea only build this new cutaway for tenor sice? I also like the Pono-Cutaway, but wonder if...

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clara 2015 vs 2014

Aloha! What is the difference between the new finish on blackbird clara 2015 and the old one from 2014. I read in some forum (UU forum I think) that there was some problems with the finish on some clara. Have ...

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Islander Sopranos

Did Kanilea/Islander change their specs for the sopranos? They used to join the body at the 14th fret but the latest pictures for these show them joining at the 12th fret.

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B stock

I have heard people buying what HMS calls B stock but have never found any available on the site. I guess with there service and set up they don't get very many returns? I know I can tell there set up on ...

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