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String Action

Michael Daumer — Feb 11, 2015 07:27AM HST

I am preparing to order a Pono RTSHC and would appreciate advice as to the Pros and Cons of Low Action Setup.

2 Community Answers

Andrew Kitakis - Feb 11, 2015 at 11:21AM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

The lower the action the easier it is to press the string down to the fret. But at some point no matter how perfect the setup is, and no matter how good your technique is, it will buzz. So there's a balance to be had. With Pono we can dial in the curvature of the neck perfectly and If you play lightly, or have muscular issues like arthritis, we can take it down to 2mm at the 12th. If you want to dig in a little more and retain the dynamics and volume, and can handle our normal action (which is lower than average) I would just let us set it up in our normal way, about 2.5mm at the 12th. If you play hard and want the most dynamic range let us know to leave the action at about 3mm at the 12th. Higher than that and you can have issues with intonation. Thanks.

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Matt Wiseley - Feb 26, 2015 at 07:03AM HST

When I order from The Ukulele Site (something I've done 3 times now) I specifically ask that the action not result in any buzz. My first order - a Pono concert - buzzes a little on the high G. While the action is very low and superbly playable, that buzz drives me nuts and some day I'll have a tech fix it for me. But by simply asking that buzz be avoided at all cost in adjusting action, my second uke, a Pono tenor, has perfect action for me - low and playable, but not a hint of buzz. Some players don't mind buzz at all, and I even like a little bit of buzz on electric guitars. But for the type of music I play on the uke, I don't want any. So just tell them where you stand and they'll accommodate.

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