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Jenny — Feb 26, 2015 06:00AM HST

I live in the NYC area and am using an Oasis ukulele humidifier (near the headstock) for my beloved Koaloha tenor which I purchased from you last summer. Unfortunately, the humidity level in our house hovers around 20% and I have to refill the Oasis humidifier daily (even though I keep it in a Crossrock fiberglass case when not playing). Should I place a second humidifier in the case or is there a risk of over-humidifying?

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Joel - Apr 22, 2015 at 08:25AM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

I would definitely recommend looking into getting a hygrometer to keep in the case. This will let you monitor what the average humidity is inside of the case. If it looks like its not keeping within the 45%-60% range you might want to try a humidifier that releases even more humidity. The oasis OH-5 releases 150% more than the OH-18 and its recommended in environments where the humidity is below 25%.
It will need to be refilled even more often than the regular OH-18 humidifier though.

If your finding that you humidifier dries up completely in only one day then the humidifier may not be working correctly or the case may be letting out too much humidity.

The humigel crystals inside of the Oasis humidifier regulate the amount of water released through the membrane. Its common for some players to accidentally wash out some of those crystals while refilling the humidifier. In that case you would need to order a refill pack and make sure you have the right amount of crystals in the Oasis to regulate the humidity distribution.

Check out the instructional video we shot that details each humidifier, the hygrometer, measuring the humidity levels, as well as how to refill the Oasis humidifiers to make sure they are working correctly:

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