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Using a Room Humidifier

Jake Hansen — Feb 26, 2015 06:12AM HST

Living in Canada with very cold winters, and forced air heating, the relative humidity in my house can plummet below 20%, creating a very harmful environment for anything made of wood. I've recently purchased a "normal" room humidifier for the room I keep my ukuleles in, and a hygrometer for the room. If they are hung on the wall in the room and the hygrometer is always reading between 45-60%, is this a better/more effective method for keeping them at the proper humidity than keeping them in their cases with a clay humidifier and Oasis OH-18?

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Joel - Apr 22, 2015 at 08:24AM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

Storing the instruments in a case is usually the most effective because its fairly consistent. Its a small enclosed environment for the instrument and unless you are constantly taking the instrument in and out of the case it will allow the humidifier to do its job properly. The Oasis humidifier can add humidity directly into the body when its suspended and its easy to tell how quickly it needs to be refilled.

You could do the same with a room humidifier but it just offers more variables such as the placement if the humidifier compared with where the instrument is being stored and where the central heating and dry air is being fed into the room. You would also want to think about how often the entrance to the room is being opened up to let in the dry air. Depending on how good of a job the humidifier does and how often dry air is being let in you still might end up with the overall humidity being a little direr than you'd like.

In either case you want to make sure you have a hygrometer that is very accurate and updates itself fairly quickly. Some digital hygrometers will refresh as quickly as every 6-10 seconds to give you a good idea of how the humidity fluctuates. If the indoor heating is running during the winter its even better to keep the uke in the case and also stored in the room with the humidifier away from the heating vents.

The main thing to think about is consistency and monitoring the humidity levels to make sure whichever method you use is reliable to maintain that sweet spot between 45%-60% throughout the year.

Be sure to check out the instructional video we shot that details each humidifier, the hygrometer, measuring the humidity levels, as well as how to refill the Oasis humidifiers to make sure they are working correctly:

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