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Aquila Nylgut, Lava, and Red

bonesoup — Aug 20, 2015 02:15PM HST

Hello, I have a uke strung with reentrant plain (new) nylguts. I find them a bit slippery. In other words if I reach for a single note, my finger can slip off the string or not fret it cleanly. I should improve my technique, although I don't seem to have this problem with fluorocarbons.

My question is about the feel of the lavas and reds. Does their outer texture feel similar to the nylguts?

I wouldn't say that fluorocarbons have more grip, but for some reason my fingers "stick" to them better. I'd like to try a different series of aquilas, but if lavas and reds have the same feel as nylgut, they might not be for me. Mahalo for any advice you might have!

1 Community Answers

Joel - Aug 25, 2015 at 07:58AM HST

The Ukulele Site Agent

The reds, super nylgut, and the lava all have a textured feel. More so with the reds but the Super nylgut and Lava do have a slightly gripper feel to them.

Id say try out as many sets as you need to in order to find the ones you really like, for tone and play-ability. It takes some experimenting and everyone may like or need something different from another so it just takes some patience and narrowing down the set your going to love.

If you looking for grip I would say your on the right track, try out the reds if you want a "dusty" type of feel, the super nylgut and the Lava set are the same just different colors so either one of those will also work if you want something similar to the standard nylgut but with a little bit of texture on top.

Hope this helps, Aloha!

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